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Hey there! I'm a member who had to go to college up in Santa Cruz. I was starting my own group (there's none that I've seen so far) and was wondering if you have any advice for setting up and what to do on our first meeting?

Cheryl: Hey! Congrats on starting college! For your group, perhaps make a group on facebook and a tumblr for it. Advertise your group on Facebook, tumblr, twitter,, and maybe the MSPA Forums. Even look into Calistuck on tumblr, I am sure they’ll help spread the word around.

When you have your first meet, perhaps make some games and photoshoot times. For us, our most popular game is “Spin the Faygo" which is a variant of "Spin the Bottle". People can hug or kiss depending on what they are comfortable with when landed on. For photoshoots, perhaps take a bunch of group photos with specific characters gathered, pairings, etc! We also have "draw circles" where people who draw can draw with others. Perhaps even make the event a pot luck? There are many things you can do.

Just do your best and things will come naturally and you will see what works for your group. I also highly suggest making some ground rules for your group. Add or take off rules as necessary. Overall, I wish you the best of luck and I do hope we get to hear how things are going for you guys soon!

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